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Added charger on route if longer charge time specified before

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Description: I'm not sure how to explain this. I started to plan a route. All fine. Then I decided to set a fixed charge time, 45 minutes. Some minutes more than specified by planner. But now the planner adds a new charge stop.
Replication Steps:
Plan without setting any wanted time: route1.jpg
Back to editing, open 2nd charger (Kaufland): plan1.jpg
Setting this to 45 minutes: plan2.jpg
This results into route2.jpg
I understand the intention to this, charging at last top is 8 minutes shorter and the new charge requires just 6 minutes. However, this feels strange if you charge longer at one stop you get additional charge stops on the rest of the trip.





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I can replicate it using your steps above, but it seems to be very sensitive. If I force it charge 1 minute longer at Kaufland, it does not insert that extra charger, it does not seem to generally happen. I'll keep this particular case in my "things to investigate" folder and if you find any more obvious cases let me know.

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