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Route planning with complex via points not working

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Description: I'm currently planning a two weeks road trip through norway. 
Start planning:
Enter start
Adding endpoint of a day with lyngdal supercharger by adding it from the context menu from popup from map.
Move it to end position:
Planning broke, points disappear
Next try.
Put Lyngdal supercharger manually as goal:
Adding via points from map, right click on map near mandal:
Via Point doesn't appear in map!
Adding next via point: Does not appear either.
Calculate route with the three points above:
Misses via point.
Your routing is messed up completely. It's currently not possible to plan via point routes.
Whenever I need your tool something went's wrong.
No planning with Tesla CCS chargers, No via point planning, see other bug reports of mine.
Please optimize your software release tests. The more people using ABRP and relying on the planning, the more reliable it must be!
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Give me access to the new features and I will test them for you before release. 


Add1: that's what I'm talking about. Don't change crucial things to the productive site (www.abr....com). This must be 99,8% available and reliable.

Change things first at beta.abr...com.


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We have a beta.abetterrouteplanner.com for new feature testing, and we will use it more. In this particular case, it was a format change (for e.g. settings) which was one-way so testing and then going back would not work. Sorry for the trouble it caused!

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