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Jelle Jan

Why is the status for so many chargers unknown?


I struggle to find any (fast) charging station in ABRP where the operating status for chargers isn't 'unknown' (gray). I have mostly looked at chargers in the Netherlands, Belgium and France. I tried ABRP from a web browser and the iOS app. I also tried different web browsers and different internet connections.

Charging stations I looked at are mostly FastNed, Tesla and Ionity, but also some other networks.

I am currently using the non-premium version of ABRP. I thought non-premium users were able to see whether a charger is operational. Did I misunderstand and is the status always unknown for non-premium users? Anyone else have this issue?

I seem to remember last year there were many chargers with real-time data, which is why I think there may be something broken right now.

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Hi @Jelle Jan,

Nice catch! Yes, non-premium users should still be able to see the operational charger status (blue) for the locations we've got live status for (while premium users see actual occupancy, red/green). This isn't working correctly at the moment, and we're investigating it as we speak.


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