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ABRP CarPlay is Confusing and Lacking Features


Perhaps it's me, but I expected the CarPlay version of ABRP to resemble the iOS version whereby I can see my route with anticipated charging stops. I'm using a OBDLink CX which works great but for the life of me, the CarPlay app is so limited and confusing, I've accidentally cancelled my route on several occasions. Please give us a full route overview with charging stops as waypoints.

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Hi @Chipal,

When it comes to in-car implementations like CarPlay, Android Auto, and Android Automotive, how things are to be implemented and designed is defined by rules and templates agreed upon by platform owners and vehicle manufacturers. These are, by default, pretty strict, as we're talking about keeping distractions to a minimum in a moving vehicle to keep users safe.

For suggestions on improvements and other changes, please visit our feature request page here: https://abrp.upvoty.com/b/request-a-feature/


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