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Question about the app


Hi there,

Over a week ago I've sent an email to *****@*****.***.

As I still don't have a reply, I decided to cancel the subscription for now.
If you haven't received a response from support after a week, I find it unnecessary to continue paying monthly.
Hopefully someone here will be able to answer my questions, which will be highly appreciated!


I’m going to use ABRP for a long trip to the mountains in January, with hopefully lots of snow to ski :-)
As It’s my seconds long trip with my EV I’d like to be prepared. First trip was a success, but it was warm outside, January will probably be below zero.

I just took a look to see how this would work in CarPlay, but is really simple.
I’m aware that ABRP can change stops based on several factors while driving, I have a ODB2 and Tronity connection.

But I would like to know how that exactly works, I rather have “fixed” stops that I already scheduled, so I can take a look on street-view to see where exactly the chargers are.
Could you please explain me how this auto-adjusting works?
If ABRP wants to change my pre-defined journey, will there be a confirm button first?

As for attached screenshot, what will happen when my battery gets <28%?
Even if it will drop to 10%, if the charger is close to me I’d rather not having ABRP changing the prepared stops.


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