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Endless Loop trying to log in via android app


I'm trying to set up ABRP premium on an android -> Hyundai Kona.  I signed up to Premium on my desktop (still on the 14 day trial period).  I logged in to the app on my android and created some routes/plans.  However when I plug the android into the car and start Android Auto it tells me to log in to ABRP premium on my phone.  

So I go to the phone to log in again.  It prompts me for my email address. I enter the email address and it takes me to a screen that says "GET ABRP Premium"  and offers me the "Start Subscription" blue button.  I hit the blue button and it prompts me to select a plan - Monthly or Annual.  I pick monthly, and hit "Start Subscription".  It then prompts me to "Create Account."

I hit "Create Account" and I get a screen entitled Welcome and says "to log in or sign up enter your email address."  I enter my email address and I'm back where I started from.  Endless loop.  


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