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Stewart Hamilton

Icar Pro Dongle Connection Issue on Kia e-Niro

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I recently purchasd the above dongle to work with the ABRP Premium App in my car, after I upgraded the APP.

Initially it  seemd to connect OK, and work, however I thn noticed it was connected to the IOS option in the software?

I thought I had made a mistake but couldnt understand why/how it conntd to the IOS softwar when I was using an Android phone??

I deleetd the paired onnction and started again making sure I selectd the Android option

Since then I hav spent HOURS trying to connet it to the correct Android Bluetooth option but I just cannot get it to pair???

Surely It wont work reliably via an Android phone using the IOS software option?

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I'm using the Vgate Icar and an Android phone. ABRP connects to the IOS Bluetooth option of the dongle and works fine. I never succeeded to use the Android option with ABRP but had to go for this option in order to get canZE or other OBD app on Android to work.

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Hi, sadly I sent my unit back but later read somewhere that the IOS reference on the reader actually refers to the LE Bluetooth in the device and not Apple and is the option that should be used for Android phones!

Makes sense because it did work when I selected it, accidentally, but I then changed to using the Android version and it would not connect, so I sent it back 🤬🤬

This issue is a nightmare to resolve, too many variables

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