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[New Bike] 2018 Zero DSR

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Could you add Zero motorcycles to your list? I have a 2018 DSR with a 14.4kWh batery pack. 50Wh/km with average speed of 80km/h, 65Wh/km @ 120km/h. range driving 120km/h 140km. onboard fast charger 9.9kW. Do you need more info?

Driving Model:

Option 1 - Analytical - Provide the mathematical parameters to define the car model (See this blog post for details).

Option 2 - Data-Driven - Perform driving test at multiple speeds, and record efficiency or power draw from the pack.

Option 3 - Direct Car Connection - Provide method of receiving telemetry directly from the car via OBD, API, or other means.

Charging Model:

Charge Curve - Provide a link to a chart or video detailing the charge power over time or by State of Charge %

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It's certainly possible, but we'd need some more information first:

  1. Could you provide a few more efficiency data points? Perhaps at intervals of 20km/h?  That would give a sense of the consumption curve.
  2. What kind of charging inlet does the Zero have? CCS / J1772 / Type 2?
  3. Does it draw the full 9.9kW all the way from empty to full? Or does it taper as it approaches full?
  4. Is the 14.4kWh the usable capacity? Or is some of it reserved to protect battery health?

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1. I'll try to give you the numbers ASAP
2. Standard bikes come with on-board charger at 1,3kW with schuko inlet. Optinally you can add a 6kW Charge Tank (J1772) that can work (if possible in the charging point or with cable adapters) together with on-board charger, so max is 7,3kW. Other options are possible until 11,3kW charging.
3. Draw full till 96% or so.
4. Usable battery is 12.6kWh on a ZF14.4

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