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Will ABRP intelligently assist me? (ODB dongle + Live charger data)


Hello forum!

Soon going on longer roadtrip to Norway in Hyundai Ionic EV 2019, 28Kwh package.

Question: As a ABRP Premium subscriber with an installed OBD dongle (works great btw) - how automated will ABRP be on longer roadtrips - I'm especially "concerned" about how ABRP will intelligently redirect us as we approach a designated charge point that becomes fully occupied.

Lets suggest that I have put in minimum SoC at charging arrival at 10% - we are about to approach a Tesla Supercharger place and the automatic live feed tells ABRP that all the stalls are in use (and I have entered a minimum free = 1) - Will ABRP measure my SoC e.g. 14% left and then try to re-route us to another place to charge within reach of the 14%?


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