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ABRP Source Data - Openchargemap?


Hi There -

I just became an editor for openchargemap.org, I saw on some other posts that ABRP gets data from them daily.  Is this still the case? I edited a location and haven't seen it update on ABRP and noticed the last time OCM was mentioned was back in 2021.  I've also noticed the "Report Issue Button" in ABRP doesn't allow me to submit when I am attempting to edit the charger info. 

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Hi @d_id4,

Yes, we still fetch data from OCM. You should see your edits in ABRP within 24 hours, given that we actually fetched the data for the location in ABRP from OCM (we use a range of other sources in parallel).

The 'Report Issue' button appears to be working fine now. Does this happen with any specific issue category?


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