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problems with carlinkit and odb2 BLE and not response of premium support


This email was sent on July 6 and has not been answered.

This Vlinker MC+ problem already happened to me with the Samsung S10+ and that's why I used evnotify, when I went to carlinkit I expected it to be solved but it didn't go well
and the worst thing is that now I can't use evnotify again (which works perfectly in carlinkit) because there is no way for it to appear in ABRP


Hello ABRP team, I have an issue with conection with odb2 Vlinker MC+

I have a carlinkit with ABRP configured and I added the ODB2 to have car data in real time, the odb2 communicates well the application loses communication with the odb2 in 2 situations
- If I switch to another application, for example intune to select an online radio station, when I return to ABRP the communication with the ODB2 does not work, sometimes it recovers and other times it stays connecting in blue, I have set it to energy optimization that doesn't nothing applies to ABRP
-When I turn off the car and the carlinkit turns off, when I turn the car on again I find that ABRP does not communicate with the ODB2, I have to reconfigure it to make it work, this also happens to me on the Samsung S10+, that's why on the phone I was using evnotify, with carlinkit I hope I don't have to use evnotify and I removed it, but now I want to use it again but it won't let me add it to ABRP, it tells me that it's integrated and it's not true


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