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Problems with a OBDlink CX dongle in combination with ABRP

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I aquired a OBDlinkCX to work with ABRP (on Android Auto / Samsung S23 Ultra) on my Skoda Enyaq Coupé RS.
The problem is that when I open my ABRP app with a locked car, once in a while the alarm is triggered.
When I then disable the alarm and enable it again I can continue to work with ABRP.
The alarm, when triggered, it is triggered when opening the app.
It is not happening every time and that is the enoying thing.
So I always have to disconnect the dongle or take it out.

Does somebody know that ABRP and OBDlinkCX have issuee like this, or is it just a faulty dongle.
I have not tried it with another dongle because ABRP says tht the CX is the savest under the unsave dongles

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