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EVNotify integration not working


I've been using EVNotify for some time and it connects and displays our EV data successfully. I thought I'd try ABRP for an up and coming trip, but discovered that it doesn't work with Bluetooth OBDs, so I thought I would try the EVNotify live data integration. No matter what I do it doesn't work.

I've tried

  • linking though the ABRP app.
  • linking through the EVNotify app and integration menu.
  • unlinking
  • creating a new token and linking again
  • creating a new EVNotify account and key
  • deleting and adding new vehicles to ABRP
  • re-installing ABRP and EVNotify on my phone
  • contacting ABRP support

None of the above has resulted in the integration working. Has anyone else been successful in getting the integration working?

ABRP v4.4.4(2291)
EVNotify v.2.4.0:01



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