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Where are you from? Munich

What car do you drive? BMW i3 / Nissan eNV200

What's the longest trip you've taken in your EV? 290 km

Hello ABR friends!

I run to very different vehicles! For doing transport in our company we use a Nissan eNV200 (24 kWh). My wife and me loves this car very much. But beside doing transportation the job of the Nissan is it to do advertising, too. Therefore it has big adds on the car. And it is not always common to drive with a running "billboard" and therefore we drive when not at work a BMW i3 (94Ah/ 32 kWh). Finally running an electric car is always fun!

Some weeks ago i discovered ABR. I am very excited to use it for my next trip to Italy. We go there once a year to buy wine. It will be a trip of about 500 - 600 km one way and we want to do it within two days back to Munich. Between Munich and Veneto in Italy there are the Alps so it will be a challenge!  I will report how the i3 and ABR accomplished the mission.

Many greetings from Germany to all over the world!


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