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ABRP planning vs Open street map planning

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Description: I noticed that total time needed to get from Rome to a ski resort in northern Italy was way too off (driving time only, not considering recharging time). I narrowed most of the calculation error in the plan I've shared below. I also simulate the same path directly in the Open Street map web site and that result if fairly accurate with my driving experienced. I'm guessing that ABRP is not picking up some speed limits and it's using 30km/h as a default while the speed limit is supposed to be 90 Km/h. Real speed maybe a little lower than that but no as low as 30Km/h. I also tried to edit the map in Open Street Map website and i noticed that in that section of the road, often it's not reported any speed limit. Widl guess it that Open Street Map assigns for that section a default of 90kM/h while ABRP is assigning 30Km/h. I'm wondering if this behaviour is by design or it's a bug. If it's a bug it's potentially affecting all roads with no speed limits reported in Open Street Map.


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This is actually an ABRP feature. The mountain road speeds are not correctly estimated by OSRM (the open source routing backend we use) since it does not take road curvature into account. Google maps says 32 minutes for that stretch, ABRP says 39 minutes. 

In practice, for this stretch of road, do you think you could drive much faster?


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Hi Bo, I tried to plan again the route after your message and actually the numbers are very close to my exprience. I don't know why but the other day I was getting more than 8 hours of pure driving instead of the 7:30 that I'm getting today. As I wrote, most of the difference was in the mountain stretch which actually seems to be much closer to reality.

Based on my many yeas of experience with my former ICE car, most of the mountain strech (Passo Gardena - Corvara in Badia) can be done under normal circumstances at the indicated speed limit or very close to that. Especially if none of the kids onboard has problems with sea sickenss ?

I saw that in ABRP there are segments at 30km/h which I think are too low. Of course I'm not concerned about the time lenght of the trip, I'm rather concerned about a possible undestimation of the Kwh/Km consumption.

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