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ABRP for navigation and OBDII (WiFi) on Samsung A31


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I just upgraded to premium ABRP, and trying to use ABRP for navigation (instead of Waze). 

My ODBII is Wifi, and it works with two other OBDII apps I have. I also seem to be able to get live data in OBDII, but the issue is that just after starting to navigate, the position seems to freeze. Before that, voice turn instructions were late (after I did the first turn already).

We have a Skoda CitiGo e iV from 2020/21, the one with the larger battery (around 32kWh net). 

What are some setups you CitiGo owners use, which are stable and working well? I am thinking of which phone, and which OBDII.


Another solution but less practical would be using both my iPhone and Samsung on longer trips, one with Waze for navigation, and the other one for whatever app to show battery and other OBDII data.

Thank you.

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I have ordered a "Vgate vLinker MC+ Bluetooth OBD2 Car Diagnostic Scan Tool for iOS, Android & Windows", is anyone else using this with success?

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