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Central VA to Crossville, TN

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I have driven between my homes in both places a number of times and I can never seem to get quite good enough mileage to just hit one charger on the way.  Planning the trip is a bit of a PITA with the Tesla tools since they show all the chargers but no mileages.  They want to do all the thinking for you and just tell you where to stop.  I prefer a single hour long charging session while I eat rather than two or three stops of 20-30 minutes each. 

So, in comes abetterrouteplanner and I find it much easier to plan my trips with the tool providing much more info.  This is even better than the in-car trip planning tool. 

It still doesn't make it easier to only make a single stop, but now I can more easily plan where I make the two stops.  😉 

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