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No consistent routing results

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Whenever I try to plan a longer route in Germany (560km) and play around with the parameters, mostly max speed, whenever I recalculate the route I get a different result every time. It's not that there are infinite numbers of results, but I'd say maybe three or four. 
Initially I set max speed to 160 kmh. Then I try to see what happens if I only go 130 max. After that I want to go back to the 160 and get a different result as before. Not in the routing, but with different charging stops and/or durations.
Then I input 140 max an suddenly get a new alternative route I didn't get before which is even faster than anything before (why didn't I get this one before when I was at 160 max and slower if needed?).
Now I go back to 160 and the alternative faster route is still there. But not when I first planned the route with 160. 
This behavior is really strange and somewhat annoying as I always wonder if the current route is really the optimal route or if there's another surprise if I just recalculate again.
Love to hear back from you!
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