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Can someone provide data from the Nissan e-NV 200 (Model 2018 with 40 kWh)?

Battery is 40 kWh

Consumption (WLTP) is 20 kW/100km

Top Speed is 123 km/h

Total Power is 80 kW

Charge Power is 46 kW DC, the charge-Perfomance should be the same with the Leaf without rapid gate, due to active cooling 

City - Cold Weather 19.5 kWh/100km
Highway - Cold Weather 29.2 kWh/100km
Combined - Cold Weather 23.8 kWh/100km
City - Mild Weather 13.3 kWh/100km
Highway - Mild Weather 23.0 kWh/100km
Combined - Mild Weather 17.7 kWh/100km

Dimensions and Weight

Length 4560 mm
Width 1755 mm
Height 1858 mm
Wheelbase 2725 mm
Weight Empty 1689 kg



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Ah, that's really good data, should be easy to add.  The only thing I'm missing is a measure of its drag, do you have a source for a drag coefficient for the e-NV 200 (or CdA value)?

Once I have that, it'll be a quick matter to add to the planner.

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