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Description:  Allow for entering negative values for the following two fields: Batter Degradation (%) and Headwind (speed)

Use Case: My car's battery appears to have a higher usable capacity (from indicated 0% to 100% SOC) than manufacturer's nominal value. My car is Bolt EV (2019), and it seems to sport a 62.5 kWh rather than 60 kWh battery. Since there is no option to enter batter capacity in kWh for the specific car (besides selecting the make and model), this would allow some users to address this possible discrepancy. As for the headwind: there is also the tailwind, of course, and there should be a way to account for it, too.


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How are you measuring the kWh capacity of the Bolt? Very impressive that you've got a higher-capacity Bolt! Is it possible that they secretly bumped the capacity without telling anyone? I'd have expected they'd milk any upgrade they can, considering how behind the Bolt is on the current competition.

For head/tail-winds, if you click "Headwind" you get a popup which lets you change the direction of the wind to a tailwind, which seems to work for me.

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