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Live data connection ABRP<->Tronity not stable (Ioniq5-2023-LR-RWD)

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I would like to ask your for some help.
Actually I am using ABPR + Tronity live-data connection for route and charge stop planning.
I basic this works fine and is a huge update from the in car navigation.
I drive a Hyundai Ioniq5-LR-RWD-2023.
The problem is as follows.
After setting up the accounts and apps, the live data connections works.
But after starting a trip, the Tronity connection drops after some time and ABRP does not receive live data anymore. 
When this happens it seems I can force reconnect ABPR<->Tronity, by opening the Hyundai Bluelink-app and reconnect this app to the car (with password). 
Is there a record of in-stability issues in the ABPR <-> Tronity connection or should this work fine. 
And if so do you have suggestions.
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