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Nevada City, CA to Lakewood, CO round trip in our Bolt

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A route plan is necessary!  We compared the Bolt range estimate with our iPhone GPS distance (or road signs) to the next charger.  This indicated whether it would be easy, we would have to slow down or find a closer charger.  We found that the GPS indication was sometimes erratic in remote areas. The Bolt range estimate does not include elevation so it is low after going uphill and high after coming down.  Our route was over Donner Pass, 7,056 ft. and Vail Pass, 10,662 ft.

Electrify America sites had 4 high power chargers.  They take credit cards.  EVgo and ChargePoint require membership cards and often has one or two stations.  Costs are lower if your arrival charge is lower than 53% and your departure charge is lower than 85%.  Sometimes we needed 100%.

Many Chevrolet dealers do not have DC Fast chargers.  When they do, they are free but often slower 25Kw units. They may not be available outside business hours.

Only twice did we see another EV at a charger.  At one site we found the charger broken and had to travel a few miles to another.  Unfortunately, we did not find a motel with A Level 2 or Fast DC charger.

Check the table below.  Charging times were longer than we expected and we sometimes drove slower than necessary.  We can improve these.  We were very happy with the Bolt efficiency.  Our cost for power was under $200.

Nevada City Lakewood trip.pdf

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