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Miami to Raleigh roundtrip

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Hello all.

Just took a trip from Miami, FL to Raleigh, NC and back - 1,680 miles/2703 km - in a late 2018 Tesla Model 3 Mid Range with 19" wheels.

I adjusted consumption calc to 260 Wh/mile @65 MPH (168 Wh/km @110km/h). This is up from the default ABRP figure of 247 Wh/mi but it worked great accounting for humidity (started driving at ~3 AM), elevation changes, and flowing with traffic in parts at up to 85 MPH (136km/h). Parts of I-95 route are just insane. In the "time to open charge port" field, I added 5 minutes to account for local traffic off the highway and general going around parking lots trying to find the chargers.

I'm probably using it wrong but I wish the app had a "minimum charge time" field. In some of the what/if scenarios I played during planning, I often saw ~7 minute charge times and that's not very efficient. It takes longer to take an exit off the highway, wait a traffic lights, go in circles trying to find the charger, issues with slow chargers, etc that just waiting a little longer at the previous charger to where it allows you to bypass the next one.

I did not use live data since I'm not yet comfortable sharing my Tesla account. The in-car browser wanted me to start my trip from Kansas ? This is a known issue with Tesla's GPS API and the app reports it as such.

In the trip up to Raleigh, I mostly followed the in-car system. It cost me an additional hour of travel time vs what ABRP was estimating. On the way down, I followed ABRP exclusively and it worked great. On the last leg of the trip, between charging points, the Tesla Navigation was throwing yellow "keep your speed below x" and red "you need to charge to make it" warnings. Maybe I missed it but I wish it prompted with "if you don't charge, you're screwed. Want me to find a charger?" instead of showing red warnings of doom. New users might get concerned if they see this. Anyway, ABRP was right and I had no problems reaching the next SC.

So, congrats on a great app! Very impressive how it does its thing. If Tesla fixes (in my opinion) their authentication and/or API tokens, I'm sure feeding the app real live data would make it even better.


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