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Confused ABRP App (Premium) Often Can't Make Good Use of ODB Data


I am a big fan of ABRP and hope they will soon live up to their potential.  There is a glaring problem with the app becoming confused or not making good use of the most basic ODB data, the current percentage of charge. 

For example, I have had the repeated experience of having used the app to plan a 220-mile journey with one recharging stop (I have made this trip many times with exactly the same plan) but then having the app go insane in less than 20 miles into the trip and start trying to reroute me to a nearby charger when I still have over 85% charge.  The correct battery percentage is displayed on the app screen.  Why doesn't the app use the data that it surely has acquired from the ODB to make intelligent decisions instead of acting confused? 

Not only that, the app frequently makes different plans using the same criteria with wildly divergent arrival and charge times.   Planning the same route at the same time with the same settings and criteria yields different results.  

Even when I know the route very well, the app often generates inefficient routes using calling for more charging stops than necessary and at charging stations that are not at all optimum.  Using the preferred chargers settings or the "ignore selected chargers" function doesn't seem to help. 

What can I do to make it work better? 

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