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Lottie's Dad


Rant :ABRP is driving me to distraction today.

Firstly, I can't confirm if I am have subscribed to premium or not.

Secondly, it constantly tell me I have to give location permissions which I have done repeatedly and also entered the full address.

Now, the big one , when it finally agrees to calculate my route, vis a vis location nonsense,  it has me running all over the country.  I simply want to simulate a route from home in London to Liverpool via two stops in Dorset which I have input as waypoints. So, logically, take me south west and then north (eastish). What do I get: a triangle, London - Birmingham, London - West Bay Dorset, West Bay Dorset - Birmingham and then a straights run Birmingham - Liverpool.   

I guess that it is my fault for stretching the definition of a "Waypoint"; the app expects a waypoint to be on the general line between the start and finish.  I will try a round trip home to home with Liverpool as a waypoint.

CALM, Calm, calm.....🙃

Sorry! It's a non question really.

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