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trying to delete a stop


I am attempting to plan a trip across the US. My overall method is to break up the trip into pieces at hotels along the way, using the site's features to set charging state and departure time to see where to stop next.

In a previous ABRP session, I created a stop in Jackson TN. Now I've decided I don't want to stop there. I clicked on the 'X' in the upper right corner of the stop in the list of charging and other stops to the left of the map, and the 'X' changed to the 'details' symbol. Clicking that symbol toggles the details of the stop (i.e., display of arrival SoC, Charge, Departure, etc.) Long-clicking the title, or the blue map marker to the upper left, does nothing I can tell -- whether long-clicking or not, it will not let me drag the stop out of the list, and no other option menu appears. Right-clicking on the marker on the map itself creates another waypoint; I don't remember how I got rid of that one. How do I get rid of this?


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