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Feedback from 1900km trip

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Hello ABRP

In the past (beginning last year) I criticized you a lot for the unusable real time navigation, which was not even close to Google Maps or similar applications.

Experience from 25.3.2023, around 807km, fully loaded Skoda Enyaq, 2 bikes on a bike rack using Android Auto:

+ Navigation is much better now. The turn instructions are fitting to the blue line on the screen, are clear to understand and were shown correctly.

+ We now can get the different views on the route in every state of navigation (next leg, complete route..).

+  ABRP continues automatically after a charging stop with the navigation

+ The user interaction dialog, when the real SOC at arrival is lower than setup, is great and makes totally sense

- I still have overheating problems after 5h-6h of navigation (Galaxy S21 connected by cable because wireless charging is not giving enough power to charge the phone during navigation) and need to cool down the phone by putting it in the air outtakes of the HVAC.

+ Although the app crashes, the planned route is still there after restart

So overall a very pleasant experience

Experience from 02.04.2023, around 940km

- The bluetooth connection to the OBD dongle (OBD Link CX, I tried ALL, this is the only working one) messed up totally. The bluetooth symbol is green, but there is no connection to the dongle anymore. The SOC differs 5-6% and is decreasing faster than the real SOC. I restarted the dongle, restartet the phone, restarted AA, car entertainment, deactivated all other bluetooth devices in the car.....nothing helped. After fiddling around for 30min, it works again. I sent you a bug report of this status with the bug report button in the app.

- In addition the GPS position was compromised and not accurate. This both together is not, what you need, if you have 15% left and want to know, where to charge next.

- Also I experienced a totally wrong calculation for the next charging stop. We climbed Brennero from the south and ended up with around 17% at the top. I know that from there it's going downhill, but ABRP proposed to drive around 115km to the next charging stop. After some restarts ABRP ended up with a charging stop in 45km, which I reached with 13% or so. The whole leg with this charging stop, can also not be seen in the recordings. I also sent you a bug report of this.

And after turning home, you did an update (4.4.0?), the GPS is not working.....

So overall light and shadow and still not 100% reliable, which is still not ok for a payed app for such a purpose. I also see a lag of testing. In every new update something big is not working. Is there also a way to improve resource usage (Overheating, battery consumption with AA)?


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