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I've set up a new AutoPi and can see their dashboard being updated.

I've then followed instructions to add custom code and a job, but then nothing happens in ABRP...

When I tried to add debug=true, then ssh to the AutoPi and look at the log, nothing in that log matches ABRP (there are other messages there, though).

I also tried to reboot the AutoPi completely, with the same result.

What would be my next debugging steps?



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If you've set up a new AutoPi and you're having trouble getting your custom code and job to work with ABRP, here's what you can do to debug the issue:

Double-check your code: Make sure you've added the custom code correctly and followed the instructions accurately. It's easy to miss a step or make a small mistake, so review your code carefully.

Verify job configuration: Check that your job settings align with ABRP's requirements. Make sure you've specified the right parameters, like data update frequency and the correct ABRP integration endpoint.

Enable debug mode: Add "debug=true" to your code and check the SSH logs. Although the messages might not be labeled as ABRP-related, look for errors or any other output that could give you clues about the problem.

Give it a reboot: Restart your AutoPi device to see if it resolves any temporary glitches.

Get support from AutoPi: If none of the above works, reach out to AutoPi's support team. They're experts in troubleshooting and can provide specific guidance based on your setup. You can visit www.autopi.io to find their contact info and support resources.

Hope these steps help you get your AutoPi and ABRP integration working smoothly!

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