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Charles V

Editing /adding of arrival times for selected stops on a multi stop round trip.


Description:  Currently I can only edit the leave time at a planned stop, would be good to edit/ add the arrival time as well.

Use Case: Following example, I plan a round trip with locations A (Home), B, C and back to A. ABRP plans charging stops accordingly in-between. Leaving home time doesn't matter Somewhere in the morning), arriving at home time isn't critical either (evening). Now the needed functionality: I have an appointment at location C at 4PM which I would like to make clear to the app, so ABRP can calculate an estimated departure time at location B. I would like to enter the arrival time at location C. Departure times are not that important to me, but could stay available as function. Maybe toggle arrival / departure or both or enter the duration at the location. I realize that if my roundtrip exceeds a certain length, the departure time starting at home could be a challenge. I hope this makes sense

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