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Very strange routing even with lots of way points to try and straighten it out?

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So I am created a simple loop route.  i5 in Oregon from Portland to Eugene.  Eugene to the coast to connect to the 101.  The 101 up the coast and back over a known route.  Google maps has no issues with the path.  There are charging options all along and ABRP is creating a mess.  So I added a lot more way points.  Still create lots of odd loops then says no route possible.


Produces this:


Plugshare shows this:


Anyone have any ideas?  

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So curious: what's your real-world range, given your max-charge and min-charge settings for ABRP?  If that distance is short enough, I can see ABRP struggling with getting you over the coast range and back.



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Hi @Xophere,

We recently had an issue with the import of chargers from openchargemap.org and I'd suspect this is what caused these results. We've had it corrected now but should you still see any oddities feel free to submit a bug report. Do keep in mind that we do not have any connection to Plugshare, thus chargers that do exist in Plugshare could still be missing in ABRP.


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