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I don't understand ABRP maths when calculating times between trip/charging points ...


Can anybody explain me why this trip is so wrong????
Because, as much as I try I dont understand. I accept that it is correct, but can somebody explain like for a childern, please?

The steps are like this:

1. I will leave Hungary at 09:00hrs with 40% SoC.
2. Drive To Tesla SuC at Wiener Neustadt for 58 minutes / 89km and arrive there with 7% SoC - Why it is reported that I drive for 58 minutes and arrive at 09:57???? 9:00 + 00:58 = 09:58. Simple math.
3. I will charge for 10 minutes and leave. So 09:58 + 10 = 10:08. Why it is reported that I will leave at 11:08? Hungary and Austria are on same hour,  09 o'clock in Hungary is not 09 o'clock in Austria?
Everything from there is wrong from my point of view.

Also, why total travel time is reported at the top as being 8h and 3 min when 4 h 24 min drive + 39 min charge equal 5 h 3 minutes????

How can I be motivated to pay a premium for such a difficult to understand service???


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I have the same problem with math.  For a trip going from Home to destination is 80 miles (US), the route says 2 hours 10 minutes and then from same destination back Home is 80 miles (US), the route says 1 hour 19 minutes.  (The 1 hour 19 minutes is accurate, but not 2 hours 10 minutes)

I have to rely on Waze for accurate time of arrival and just use the route for distance and charging locations.

Hope it will get fix.


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