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No route over an alpine pass possible?

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Why is it not possible to drive over the Stelvio Pass in the Alps? Set driving start is in summer (winter closure), but the route planner does not want to send us over the pass. The settings of the route should fit. Does the route planner ignore the set route date?
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I'm having a similar problem, trying to plan a route over the Timmelsjoch high alpine pass from Austria to Italy. For the sake of argument I've set the start at the Tesla SuC at Füssen, and the end at Merano in the Tirol. I've made sure to set the start date to high summer when the pass should be open; I've set guide points on either side of the pass, I've even added a stop at a high power CCS charger on the descent into Italy (HPC Moso in Passiria). Google Maps is happy to route me that way, I'm wondering why ABRP won't. It generates routes that include all my guidepoints but appears to see the Brenner Pass as the only available border crossing point for the journey.


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