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Why just full electric and not hybrid?

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Description:  Driving a brand new Volvo XC60 T8 Dual Engine, hybrid car so. Also using Chargemap app on phone and website  but this site look also very well but I cannot find at least a hybrid model in your lists to create a route planning. Would like to see hybrids added to use this site. Can you maybe think to it? Mine have a full electric range of 40km but can also expand it using fuel… I'm looking to create a route from Belgium to Austria using the least fuel possible...


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I think you could emulate a plan with the Zoe Model. That would take care of the right charger (Type 2 right?). Then maybe change reference consumption so it charges often enough, or just as often as possible, because with 40km range on the highway you will want to stop at every resting area.

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I have the same setup. Until now, I stop around every 200km to charge at least 15 minutes. The 1kW you get in that time, already helps to keep the electric motor relevant during long trips. 

now that ABRP supports advanced settings for charging speed, it seems a bit more doable to plan an interesting and more electrified route. See attachment, using an 11% range in the higher part of the SoC, otherwise you get easily planning errors and you will still see lots of red digits, it will anyway be interesting to have a route based on charging stations than the standard fast/eco options in the built-in satnav.

the information of charging stations in the Sensus navigation is mostly useless (sometimes the POIs don’t even have type connectors). Also use mostly Chargemap but will start using the ABRP App as well. 


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