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Formula to calculate reference consumption

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I am currently developing an app for Android Automotive OS called Car Stats Viewer. It aims to collect and visualize much more detailed data than the trip computer and range assistant combined. The app is currently in a state of closed testing and not publicly available. It most certainly will not meet Googles guidelines for car apps, but I'm hoping to reach out to Polestar once it is in a more finished state.

One feature I would like to implement is the calculation of the referece consumption as it is used by ABRP. Since my app is also able to collect data in the background it would not be required to run ABRP in the foreground permanently to collct drive stats and calculate the RC, blocking the center display from being used in other ways.


To get a value as accurate as possible, is there a way to have a look at how ABRP calculates the RC from vehicle live data or is it impossible to disclose this Information? 

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Hi @Ixam97,

Great initiative! 

Unfortunately, our reference consumption calculation is very involved and therefore not something we can offer outside our own system. You could however use our Telemetry API and feed it the data points you collect to have it provide the calculation.

Documentation: https://documenter.getpostman.com/view/7396339/SWTK5a8w
Reach out to contact@iternio.com to apply for an API key.


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