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Why Do My Charging Stops Change Compared a to Previously Saved Plan

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When I load a previously saved plan, often the charging stops change as soon as I calculate the route, even though I have changed nothing?

Why would my charging stops change?  This makes it difficult to use a plan that I previously printed out. - Thanks, Jim

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The route will be planned when you select it, based on the current (or last) SoC from the car.  So if your current SoC is 30%, it will plan accordingly.  If the current SoC is 75%, it will plan accordingly.  If you don't want to use live data, you can turn that off, but that's kind of the whole point to ABRP.  The best way to plan, is to launch ABRP, have it connect to you vehicle to get your current data and conditions, and then select your saved route so ABRP can plan it, based on your exact current conditions.

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