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Can/should ABRP detect if the vehicle is currently charging and plan accordingly?


Here's the situation (in a Tesla with premium account and live data enabled):

While en route, I love the fact that ABRP can display upcoming Supercharger utilization, and most of the time can provide the ability to select alternative stops, although on a trip this past weekend, live traffic (I think) was really messing this up and I pretty much had to ignore it's recommendations (it was predicting arrival times of 3 hours instead of 45 minutes).  As a result of this, I arrived at a Supercharger (possibly not the one that ABRP was directing us to), plugged in, and went into the store to use the restroom and grab a drink.  Now when I get back to the car, if I navigated directly to the Supercharger, it's telling me how long to stay plugged in to reach my charging limit.  Or if I've navigated to a point further along, it may tell me how long to stay plugged in to make it to its next stop, which may or may not agree with where I actually want to stop, or possibly end with a desired SOC at my destination (like I can set with ABRP).

What I would like to do is fire up ABRP, get my plan back up, pick the suitable alternative stop, and then have it tell me how long I need to stay plugged in.  And it at least used to do this when you were following its plan and kept the app running in the foreground.  But what if I didn't?  What if I was mostly ignoring it because its timing predictions were horribly inaccurate?

So what I noticed happening is that I would arrive at the stop, and when I returned to my car I would fire up ABRP, but even though the car was still plugged in and charging, it acted as if it wasn't.  It was either directing me to stop much earlier than I wanted to (because it was going off the current SOC and assuming the car was unplugged and I didn't want to charge at this site I was currently sitting at!) or in the event of the last leg of the trip, it was suggesting an unnecessary stop rather than just letting it charge for another 10 minutes.

It would be nice if ABRP would realize that the car was plugged in and charging and then used that fact as part of its plan to prefer staying plugged in and charging to a certain SOC rather than assuming that I was ready to leave NOW and then scheduled a quick stop only a few miles down the road.

My workaround is to fire up ABRP just before arrival (not as convenient if I'm the driver) and look at the recommended final SOC target.  Then, even though I may fire up ABRP before I leave, I then ignore what it's saying and wait until the car reaches that target SOC.  And even then ABRP gets fixated on whatever early stop it was recommending, so I have to use the Alternatives feature to select the stop it was previously predicting, but of course with the messed up live traffic prediction, this was giving some really strange results of total trip time having 3 hours added and so on.

Before I try to encapsulate this into some kind of feature request, do you feel this is desirable?  Is there some kind of feature or way to do this that I don't know about?

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I'm in a Bolt with premium account and live data enabled.  I have similar issues.  I do feel that what you are asking for is desirable.  If there is some way to start ABRP while charging and have it calculate how long to stay at the charger you are plugged into to minimize the time to get to your destination, I don't know about it either.

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