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Black Ivory

shared plan link opens chrome but not ABRP app


Hi all,
I set a route plan to share with some friends; I send the plan link to them but, in Android, the link opens Chrome but not ABRP.
Trying with my other phone, I open plan with Browser; I save it in plans then I open ABRP app and I recall the plan
Any way to force opening ABRP by link opening?
Other note:
Non all my friends already have ABRP account and, without this, i think they can't do my open-save-open plan procedure
Any suggestion?

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Hi @Black Ivory,

For Android users, it should be possible to decide how to open the link on the first attempt to do so. Then the user may select to always open the link with Chrome, or ABRP. Or they may choose to only once open the link with one of those apps (or a different browser app or choice).

You can change this in: Settings -> Apps -> Default Apps -> Opening Links, on your Android device.

Correct, without an ABRP account, the user cannot save the plan to any account. I'd suggest creating an account if they'd like to save the plan, alternatively, they could simply preserve the link in a notes app or bookmark it in their browser but this will quickly become problematic if one intends to save multiple plans and use ABRP.


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