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The web interface seems AWFUL, And saved plans don't work


Taking first road trip in EV6, and having played with this before trying to set up a trip and charging stops for real... 

The web pages (real desktop windows computer, chrome) just seems awful. 

I have figured out some of it -- if I put in a real address as the destination, I have to wait (and wait) for it to put up a list of derived addresses and select one.  If I just hit return on my address, it picks some prior destination instead.  Really?   but OK. 

So I put in my real address, waited, let it populate, selected the same thing I typed and it took.  Except now it shows as "Work".  I don't have a "Work" address, I'm retired.  So I click on that field and it goes blank and opens up a bunch of choices.  One of which is the right address, pick it -- and the field shows "Work" again.   This time I click edit, and sure enough it's defined that address as work.  So I hit CLEAR for the work address.   Close that dialog, hit the option to redo the map and

"No position -- we could not access your current position" -- well, duh... I'm sitting in my office, but the origin is still shown as home (which I have defined.  Why all of a sudden does it need my current geolocation permission.

Close that and click on destination, dropdown shows where I want to go, select that again (this is about the 5th time), hit recalculate -- finally, I think I have a map. 

I want to arrive at 10am... so I go into the destination to change the time -- can't.  Really?   I can set a SOC at destination but not desired time? 

Click on home to change departure time -- it disappears.  WTF?   So now I click time, set my date and time, have to find my home address in the dropdown (there's no "Home" shown now for reasons unclear, and hit recalculate.... OK.  Pretty close.  Adjust to get the right arrival and finally a map.   So now I want to print it and ... WTF -- the main dialog disappeared, only have the map and "You are not on the route".  

Figure out I need to click that and choose save, click the "button below" to upload -- nothing.  Click it again, already saved.  Hmm... Ok.  But what i'd really like to do is print it out (old school, always want a paper copy in case my cell phone dies, etc).  No print.   There is a save to excel.   

FINALLY.  It's ugly and poorly formatted but.... 

Really -- is this a "better" route planner?   Does anyone actually USE the web interface from a desktop, or is everyone using the cell phone app only? 

I hate being negative on my first post, but maybe I'm missing something -- maybe I had this set in the wrong mode or it needs a specific browser.  Is this really it? 

Just to rub salt into the wounds.  I have the Android app (Pixel 7P, current), so I opened it, cleared whatever was there and went to "recent plans" (not seeing a saved one) and saw the right address.  Opened it and it says "We could not calculate your plan"... huh?   It's the saved plan I saved in the web interface!!!!

So now I'm curious - back to the web, hit restart, open the "Plans" heart... yep, the plan is there, click it, all plan settings, worked fine.

Back to android, do exactly the same thing, "We could not calculate your plan", "Invalid addresses".   Hit done, it doesn't show any waypoints, no way to check addresses. 

So apparently the web interface produces plans the Android can't use. 

So again, am I missing something? 

Wait (postscript) it's better... I have a "preferred" for Electrify America, but it took me probably 200 yards away from and past an EA site for an FPL site as my charge location.  So in all that I actually do NOT have a map I can use.  Back to google and the EV6's own map. 

Wait (Another postscript yet later) ... after saving and re-opening the map my destination is once again labeled "Work".  Sigh. 


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Don't know what is causing the problems you are having.  One question I really answer is: "Does anyone actually USE the web interface from a desktop, or is everyone using the cell phone app only?"  I'm not having all of the issues you describe and I do use the website on a desktop to plan routes.  I also wish one could set a time of arrival.  It is in the request a feature tracker.  

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Fair enough.  I need to try again for real, just got back from my trip.  I just don't see how I could screw this up (for context I've spent my life designing software and managing software teams, so it's not like I am unfamiliar how to work with web clients generally).  Thank you.

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