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End of live data ?

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Is it a joke ? I paid a month ago 49.99€ to have premium and the function is disabled !?!



Last fall, we launched our ABRP Premium Connectivity via SmartCar to offer live data from your car. However, after evaluating the number of users who get useful data out of it we have concluded that unfortunately it is not worth the cost. 
You have your BMW iX3 (alpha) named xxxxxx  in ABRP connected today with SmartCar and effective immediately this will stop receiving new live data. All credentials stored with SmartCar will be deleted, and no action on your side is necessary.
If you are using the "Save my activity" feature the data obtained with SmartCar will remain on your account until the end of February 2023. You can export it if you wish before that date - we will thereafter delete the data.
We continuously investigate and invest in new ways of getting live from your vehicles and hope we can soon come back with new options!



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Hi @Vince33,

Unfortunately not a joke. We've thoroughly evaluated the cost of the service versus the usefulness (including current and potential issues for some brands) for our users and based on this, decided to discontinue the feature.

We'd be happy to help you get the full amount refunded should you not see the value in the other set of premium features, and/or find an alternative live data source for you. Simply reply to the email you've received to get in touch with support.


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