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Tom Boutell

Planning a trip in cold weather

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When using the trip planner in advance, I wasn't able to find an official way to deal with the fact that in 15-degree weather, my Leaf S Plus will get about 70% of its normal range. However I did find a workaround that others might find useful.

Go into "Vehicle" and set "Battery Degradation" to 30%. Then, be sure to set a calendar reminder in your phone to set it back to your true battery health when the weather improves.

When I do this, I'm able to specify "90% at chargepoints, 50% at destination" and still get a trip that makes sense with the vehicle's effective range in very cold weather. So this is satisfactory for me. And if I forget to remove it, the worst that happens is I get extra-conservative trip plans until I do.

Previously I did this kind of thing by lowering the % of charge at start, chargers, and end to 70%. However the trouble with that is that when you're sitting in the car, you have to remember it really means 100%. And no one wants to wait for 100% anyway because the last 10% is so slow... etc. Temporarily setting "Battery Degradation" is much more intuitive because the percentage you see in the car equals the percentage you planned for in ABRP.

Naturally I would love it if ABRP understood the interaction between very cold temperatures and various makes and model years without this hack. Unquestionably a sweet app though.

Hope others find this helpful!

(Now, if I could just get it to account for Rapidgate... yes, it's much less on the Plus model)

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