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Does the LiveData calibration take charging speed into account?


I just did a ~2600 mi (one way) trip from California to Michigan for the holidays in my Mach-E. We hit a big winter storm, so temperatures were below 0F outside and the battery was pretty cold. Prime EV road-trip weather for sure. 

Our range went way down (obv), but I was able to manually override the efficiency in the app so we still hit the chargers when we needed to. However, the charging times were very very wrong and I couldn't figure out any way to fix that. Due to the cold the car was charging at ~50kw for much of the trip, which meant the charging time estimates were usually 2-3x what ABRP estimated. 

Since then I got an ODB2 Dongle and set up live data, and I'm excited to try the automatic calibration on the way back. Given that the charging rate shows up in ABRP, and ABRP knows the temperature at each stop, it seems possible that it could estimate charge speed. Does it?

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