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Live data not available PS2 LRSM 2022


After creating a new profile in my Polestar 2 ( 2022 LRSM) and re-installing ABRP live data does not work any more. 
Clicking on the car name leads to the menu with “automotive/generic/other…”  Click on “link automotive” leads to an empty (white) pop up window where I can click on “Done” only. 
No live data appears. 

Additionally I want to tell that the Android automotive app for Polestar 2 is the slowest I ever experienced. Reaction time of several (sometimes up to 15 seconds) seems to be the usual one 😞

Even during the car is parked the main menu is mostly not available. There seems to be no logical way to make it appear (like just clicking somewhere on the screen)





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