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Jörg Weiss

Proace Electric Comfort OBD Connection


Where are you from? Germany - Brandenburg - Prignitz

Toyota Proace Electric Comfort L2 75KW

What's the longest trip you've taken in your EV? 150 km


I wanted to connect ABRP to my Proace Electric Comfort 75 KW via OBD. But this is not possible because there is no live data for this car type yet. I user the "iCar Pro" OBD Dongle.

Does anyone have experience connecting the car to ABRP using OBD? Is there any chance that ABRP will be extended for this model in the near future? As you can see on this List (https://abetterrouteplanner.com/compare/livedata/) the Proace has only the option to connect via "smartcar". But the identical models from Citroen (e-jumpy) and Opel (Vivaro) have an option for OBD-Connection. How can i connect my Car via "smartcar"? Is there perhaps a better dongle than "iCAR Pro"?


I hope anybody can help!


Greetings Jörg

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Hi jörg! It’s pedro from barcelona, proace verso 75kw L1. I’m also new trying to connect ABRP, just learning about OBD

toyota proace didn’t appeared at ABRP, but knowing that other brands make the same car, I created a Citroen e-spacetourer 75kw and entered my VIN. 

Apparently it worked (see image, it recognized the VIN and ABRP+OBD connection is available) . Have / could you try it? I was about to purchase an OBD, it would be very helpful if you try this with your car and OBDs and see what happens 






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Hi jörg, great news. I successfully connected my proace 75kw with vLinker mc+

you have to select Citroen, and then the option that appears with espacetourer, eTraveller, proace verso electric 


👍🏻👍🏻 regards!

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