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I love the app, especially now with the new love data. 
I think the widget in the iOS app could be improved though:

- the style with the satellite map view makes things really unclear. It would be nice if the map stop in the widget reflected the map choice in the app…

- would be great to integrate the charging status when charging. 
- the larger icon could integrate more status information about the car?

- would be great to have widgets for the Lock Screen in iOS (the small complications)

- I’d love to see an option to have ABRP in the new live activities (charging, view of the trip…)

- also, iOS doesn’t seem to recognize ABRP as a navigation app: if I select an adress in message for example, I can’t directly select open in ABRP for example.

or in CarPlay, ABRP doesn’t show up in the icons on the dock, even when it is opened.

anyway, great job, love the app, and it fills so much of the blanks left by the OEMs!


chevy Boly driver.

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