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Bill N

What is the purpose of the drawing pin?


If I click on the downwards pointing arrow to the right of a waypoint name in the planner screen it shows a list of previous locations that I have used with ABRP. 

To the right of each location is a drawing pin. For some location the drawing pin is 'pinned', and for others it is 'unpinned' - what is this supposed to signify?

Also, when the list of previous locations is displayed on a mobile screen, if I try to scroll up or down that long list it instead acts to drag waypoint 'underneath' the pop-up list and relocate waypoints, thereby messing up the plan.

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Ok - I figured out the drawing pin through trial & error and see that the feature is to pin selected locations to the top of the list of previous locations for quick retrieval. From a UI perspective, perhaps a pinned location could be seen by the user to move to the top of the list when the pin is pinned - rather than nothing happening and the change only being noticeable if the user exits from the list and goes back into again.

The scrolling point is a bug though I think, as I don't believe it should be dragging an item below the pop-up list.

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