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New User, Struggling to Navigate

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Please help me understand the Android App... I recently took a road trip and encountered a problem at my first stop. The app was great for planning, and then I plugged in to my car and used Android Auto to navigate to my first stop. After charging, I was unable to figure out how to continue to the next stop! It only wanted to continue to navigate to where I was. There is a refresh button at the bottom that just brings up a search page. I spent like 10 minutes trying to find a button that is something like 'continue to next stop' (think Google Maps type navigation with multiple stops). I gave up and thought I would just re-navigate to my destination from my location and it still wanted me to go back to that charger until I got far enough away.

What am I missing?? There must be a way to have it continue on that I am missing... please help.

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