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Russell G.

Over-the-air live data stuck on "Registering"

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After linking "Over-the-air live data" for my Tesla, the Live Data page for my car is stuck showing "Registering / Mytesla status".

I added my car to my account and then clicked the blue "Add live data" button to connect "Over-the-air live data". I then clicked "Link Tesla" and entered the Refresh and Access tokens for my Tesla account. I then selected my car, which correctly showed the name of my only Tesla. After that, the blue "Add live data" button changed to a red "Unlink" button, but at the top of that page, it shows "Registering / Mytesla status". I've refreshed the page several times and waited several minutes but it doesn't change. I also tried unlinking live data and then linking it again by entering my Tesla login credentials instead of tokens, but the same thing happens.


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Hi @Russell G.,

The community forum is intended for discussion among users but our developers are happy to receive feedback and issue reports over at https://abrp.upvoty.com/
(You can also reach this page via the 'Support & feedback' section at the bottom of the settings menu in the app or on the website)

For this issue, please submit a bug report or reach out to support via email. That way we'll be able to get your user details and investigate the matter faster for you.


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