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This needs to get more intuitive

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I am trying to plan an overnight trip from St. Louis to Orlanso.  I want to plan on the computer and then use the phone or transfer to the Car.  First after I save the trip, then open it on the phone, it's not the same trip.  it seems to drop waypoint I inserted for wher I want to stop.  Then when I "send to Tesla" I get an error message.  If you update and save again it vreates a new trip instead of just updating the old trip or asking if you want to overwrite.  Having written applications it almost feels like they have someone who actually hates people who travel doing the coding.  Very confusing as many forums seem to think this is a great app and I just find it utterly confusing.

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After thjis first trip, I'll have a hard time continuing to justify the monthly cost of the application.  It's a shame becuase I think the Tesla trip planner could use a few enhancements and I was hoping this was it.

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Hi @Jwh2022Tesla,

The community forum is intended for discussion among users but our developers are happy to receive feedback and issue reports over at https://abrp.upvoty.com/
(You can also reach this page via the 'Support & feedback' section at the bottom of the settings menu in the app or on the website)

The error message you're getting may be due to your car not being correctly linked to ABRP. If you submit a bug report through the app or send us an email we'll get your user details and can investigate it for you.


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