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Heating and Trip Planning

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I'm in the process of planning a long trip with ABRP and winter is coming soon. (Today we received our first snowfall of the season here in the mountains of Colorado.) I drive a 2019 Chevy Bolt. While I love the car, especially with the new battery, when I turn on the heat I typically see a drop in range of about 70 miles. When ABRP calculates a route it adjusts the mileage based on the outside temperature. Does this include the drop in range caused by running the heating or is that something I need to manually adjust for? 



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Hi Malok

ABRP doesn’t use the amount of extra power of battery heating or cabin heating for the prediction of energy consumption, and it‘s not adjustable.

If you use OBD Livedata, ABRP will learn by time that the car uses more energy in winter. The reference consumption value will then increase in winter and decrease in summer.

This is my observation with my Opel Ampera-e, sister model of GM Bolt EV. 😀

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