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North/South Continent Trip... as a first EV trip? HELP!

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Hey people. I've got an Ioniq 5 Long Range AWD on order. I live in the USA 1/2 time (Arizona) and in Canada 1/2 time (Calgary area).

My HI5 is likely to arrive in December or early January. I'll be in Arizona at that time so I'll have to somehow get back to Canada, trade my ICE Sante Fe in, then immediately turn around and make an epic drive from Calgary Alberta back to Phoenix Arizona. I have Level 2 charging at both ends so that's covered but driving this far in January as a first EV trip? FML. I'm freaking.

So. Montana. We need to talk. You suck at EV charging. There is a route through some sketch ass back roads in the dead of winter to Missoula then down to the I5 and from there it's not too bad. But I've driven this route. In summer the roads are not ideal but in winter? Yikes.

The other option. Head to the coast and then down along the coast and cut across through Vegas and on to Phoenix. But that route takes me through the Rocky Mountains. In January. And I hate mountains.

Next option - an expensive one. Fly from Arizona to Calgary, pick up the I5, don't trade in the Sante Fe, park the I5 for the winter, fly back to AZ and deal with the whole mess next year. But as I said, very expensive.

Last option I can think of. Turn down the I5 and stick with my ICE car. Which would extremely suck beyond words but perhaps it's the most sensible option.

Any suggestions on a route? Or another option I'm missing? HELP!

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